Valentine’s Day

Happy “Day-After-Valentine’s Day”, otherwise known as “discount chocolate day”. Everyone seems to have very mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day – some love it, flaunting their flowers, chocolates, and other trinkets, feeling hella special; while some hate it, wallowing in self-despair and loneliness. Whatever your perception of it is, I think it’s an awesome excuse to show someone you love that you love them, whether that be your significant other, your best friend, or your mama.

The thing is, showing love isn’t just about buying someone something Instagrammable. I think it’s about reminding people why you love them, and making them feel special – it doesn’t take an extravagant purchase or a time-consuming plan to do that. It can be as simple as writing a heartfelt note, or making a phone call.

This year, I came home to my room plastered in post-it notes by my boyfriend, each one a reason why he loves me. For me, that was one of the most touching gifts I could have received, and it made me feel so amazing and cared for. I made him a candle-lit dinner after his long shift at work (he’s a chef, so it probably tasted like shit to him but he pretended he liked it and was convincing) and got him a few small gifts.





However, I won’t wait until next year to show my appreciation and love for him. Yeah, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to show those things and celebrate, but I plan on doing those things every day – by being considerate, thoughtful, and kind to him, and everyone else that I care about.

Hope everyone had a great day yesterday, and are gorging themselves with chocolate today. Xoxo.



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