February 2017 Ipsy Bag!

Hello ~

I just wanted to review the Feb 2017 Ipsy bag for all those considering ordering from Ipsy. I started subscribing from Ipsy 3 months ago, so this is my third bag, and so far, I’ve been really happy with what I’m getting! They have this little quiz on the website to determine which types of products and what colors you would like, and surprisingly it worked really well in determining what I’d enjoy. So here’s my review, and feel free to hit me up with any questions.


To be honest, I’m not really a “makeup junkie”. I buy whatever looks cute and seems good, so forgive me if some of what I write isn’t professionally correct. I’m just a total amateur trying to paint my face one shade cuter.

[1]: Luna Highlighter
Honestly, I’ve never even bought highlighter before (I just used the shimmery eyeshadows in various palettes) so I’m not sure how this one compares to other legit highlighters. But I feel like it’s long-lasting and flattering, plus it was such a big size (it’ll last me a while) since Ipsy’s stuff is supposed to be “samples”. The only thing is that it has kind of a purple/pink sheen to it instead of cream or white, so it doesn’t look super natural. I like wearing it to go out at night, but during the day it’s a bit dramatic for me.

[2]: Promise Organic Facial Scrub
Some good shit.

[3]: Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish in #12 latte
I love this stuff. It’s a dark grey-brown color that goes with almost everything but still looks dramatic. The formula is great as well, it goes on easily and smoothly, isn’t too sheer or too thick, and lasted me over a week.

[4]: Lord & Berry Eyeliner
Just a great quality eyeliner. It goes on smoothly, has a rich, vibrant formula, and is long-lasting without smudging. I love wearing it on nights out!

[5]: Nyx Butter Lipstick in Lifeguard
Now, this one was the only one I was a bit disappointed in, because I would have much rather gotten the other shade they were sending out (Ripe Berry), as I prefer berry-tones over dramatic reds. This one was like, a firetruck red that would have looked awesome on someone else, but not me. However, I’ve been following a bunch of Korean Instagrammers lately because I love their style and beauty so I used it to create the ombre lip that’s so prevalent in their posts. I’m glad I could find a way to use it, so it wouldn’t go to waste – it’s a full-size lipstick!


As for the quality of the product, I love Nyx – I think all of their formulas last so long and look so great! I have other shades in their Butter Lipstick collection so I was happy to get another.

Hope this review helped anyone trying to decide whether or not they wanted to subscribe to Ipsy! If it helped or you were entertained, please subscribe using my link 🙂



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