Summer’s Ice Cream


Summer’s Ice Cream is hands-down one of my favorite ice cream places in Toronto. I discovered it just chilling in Yorkville one day, and now it’s one of my go-tos whenever I’m craving a treat. I love it because it has so many unique flavors that taste so delicious and fresh. I got Banana Cream, and Jake got something with marshmallows and toffee, I think it was named after a campfire. I love banana flavored things so this one was a win for me, and Jake’s was amazing as well. The concept of putting marshmallows in ice cream was something I have never thought of before, but the mix of the two textures and flavors was sublime. 10/10 recommend. I’ve also tried their Birthday Cake which is sooooo (there aren’t enough o’s to do it justice) good, and Butter Pecan which was also litty.

Oh yeah, they also have fresh waffle cones which are free with your scoop! That’s one of my favorite parts as well.

In conclusion – go try it.


P.S. They also have the cutest watercolor pics of their ice cream you can buy! As well as phone cases and other little things.


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