TOT the Cat Café

Happy Saturday friends ~

This past Thursday, I took my boyfriend (who loooves kitties) to the cat café near College & Spadina to play with the cats. I had gone to the TOT once last year for a short time, and felt like I didn’t really get to experience it fully because it was packed, and when I finally got in all of the cats were tired and sleeping and we didn’t want to wake them up :(.

This time around, it wasn’t too busy – we waited ~25 minutes to get in. Their rule is that you can play with the cats with a minimum $5 purchase of food, or with a $10 donation. We bought apple cider, an orange soda, a cheese cake, and a fruit cup. I was super dissatisfied with the service this time because half-way through finishing the fruit cup, we saw that some pieces of fruit were completely covered in mold… when bringing it to the attention of the employee, he didn’t seem very apologetic, stated that they were “made today” (yes, because apples turn black within the day.. smh) and simply gave us another fruit cup, which also tasted super weird (we threw most of it out). We didn’t further complain because we like the cause that TOT is supporting and that they’re helping animals, but I don’t think it excuses this mishap as it is an issue of food safety. Seeing how cavalier the employee was about such a large amount of mold was a little bit scary, as his attitude would also affect the condition of the other food he’s responsible for.


After our wait, we were able to go into the cat room to play with the cats! They were so much more energetic this time than the last time I came, and I had a lot of fun petting them and playing with toys. Some of them seemed a little bit scared of humans which made me a little sad, but they were so cute that I’m sure they’d find homes really soon.


A heads up for anyone thinking to go in the future – the area is very very small! The employee let in 8 or 9 people at one point, and it was super cramped. Depending on who you’re in the cat room with, your experience may vary. For me personally, if I see someone playing with a cat I won’t come up to the cat and interrupt them, but the people in the room with us obviously thought differently. The people who went in with us were super loud and obnoxious, which slightly dampened our experience (side note – I somewhat admire those kinds of people though, like I wish I was secure enough to be super rambunctious in public and not care at all what others think lol).


^ He looks so happy lol!


Despite the mold and other situational factors, I still had a really good time and had fun playing with the cats with Jake. I really hope that in the future, someone expands on this idea and we get more cat cafes, or even dog cafes like they have in Korea~



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