Hello friends!

Despite promising myself I’d blog more this year, I ended up taking another 2-month hiatus — but the good thing is, I finally graduated! After months of that University of Toronto grind, I’ve managed to get my undergrad degree for Rotman Commerce and my minor in psychology completed (as well as achieving my goal of increasing my GPA!!! :D)

With Canada Day coming up, I thought I’d write this post about Electric Island – one of Toronto’s most iconic summer music festivals for techno and tech house music. Traditionally hosted on Toronto Centre Island – you take the ferry and walk out to Hanlan’s point where the stages and music are. There are 5 EI’s per summer, each one is on a long weekend from May to August.

My first time at EI was last summer, and I loved it so much I ended up attending 2 more that year after my first experience. Though I would only consider myself someone who appreciates techno (I love that kind of music but I haven’t explored as many artists in that genre as I have with other genres like bass or house), I find that everything – the crowd, the setting, the music – goes together in such a unique and wonderful way that is so different from other festivals I’ve been to. Even my friends who aren’t the biggest fans of techno (they need that 1-2-3 jump lol) really enjoyed Electric Island. Some of my favorite DJs I’ve seen at EI are EATS EVERYTHING (amazing amazing set – check out this song he remixed of Green Velvet it’s one of my favs!), Green Velvet (playing a Get Real set), Joris Voorn, and Ben Klock.

So, I’ll post a few photos I took at the event as well as a recap video I made 🙂 Hope it makes it easier for some of you to decide what you want to do for Canada Day~

Note: This year, Toronto Island has unfortunately been closed due to flooding. The May 2017 event was held in Woodbine Park, and the Canada Day event is to be held in the Portlands.



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** Electric Island also has tons of fun little things like ping pong (sponsored by SPiN), food/drink vendors who are pretty generous with samples, and cute backgrounds to take photos at! This post was not at all sponsored or influenced by anyone – I just love going to EI and wanted to share my experience with my friends 🙂

Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories

With the launch of new Facebook Messenger stories as well as Whatsapp stories, I was just wondering what you all think about this new “story” trend that is emerging on all of our social medias.

Originally beginning with Snapchat, the story revolution lets us quickly and easily show our friends what we’re up to immediately. It also has the added benefit of having a “temporary” feeling, so we feel less inhibited when sharing photos or videos that we may not want a record of in the future.

As Instagram stories have picked up in popularity, I’ve noticed a lot less people have been viewing my Snapchats. I personally prefer Snapchat – I’m a sucker for cute filters (see below), geo-filters, and other options that Instagram doesn’t have (yet). I also add people selectively on Snapchat – they’re friends I’ve chosen that I personally want to see my stories, while on Instagram everyone can see mine, unless I make my account private or block them individually, which ain’t nobody got time for that. I also enjoy making custom geo-filters for my friends and special occasions like birthdays, and Instagram doesn’t have that feature yet. Finally, I follow a lot of people on Instagram. For some of those people, I enjoy their feeds, but I couldn’t care less what they get up to on their stories. As such, I’m forced to go through their stories to see those from my friends I do care about.

Unfortunately for me and other Snapchat fans, Snapchat’s popularity has been declining and we have to turn to Instagram to see the stories that our friends have posted. I just wanted to know – what are your opinions on Snapchat vs. Instagram stories? What do you think is going to happen in the future? Let me know in the comments, or send me a message 🙂


(my current favorite filter – it’s so cute ^_^)




I went to Brandy Melville, one of my favorite stores, to pick up some clothes for my birthday (on the 20th!! ^_^). I bought several pieces, but my two favorites were the Cara Skirt and the Porter Glitter Top. (Bralette from PINK)


Sheer tops and cute bralettes have been such an adorable trend lately, and I love it! If you know any other places that sell cute sheer tops, let me know in the comments 🙂


Summer’s Ice Cream


Summer’s Ice Cream is hands-down one of my favorite ice cream places in Toronto. I discovered it just chilling in Yorkville one day, and now it’s one of my go-tos whenever I’m craving a treat. I love it because it has so many unique flavors that taste so delicious and fresh. I got Banana Cream, and Jake got something with marshmallows and toffee, I think it was named after a campfire. I love banana flavored things so this one was a win for me, and Jake’s was amazing as well. The concept of putting marshmallows in ice cream was something I have never thought of before, but the mix of the two textures and flavors was sublime. 10/10 recommend. I’ve also tried their Birthday Cake which is sooooo (there aren’t enough o’s to do it justice) good, and Butter Pecan which was also litty.

Oh yeah, they also have fresh waffle cones which are free with your scoop! That’s one of my favorite parts as well.

In conclusion – go try it.


P.S. They also have the cutest watercolor pics of their ice cream you can buy! As well as phone cases and other little things.

February 2017 Ipsy Bag!

Hello ~

I just wanted to review the Feb 2017 Ipsy bag for all those considering ordering from Ipsy. I started subscribing from Ipsy 3 months ago, so this is my third bag, and so far, I’ve been really happy with what I’m getting! They have this little quiz on the website to determine which types of products and what colors you would like, and surprisingly it worked really well in determining what I’d enjoy. So here’s my review, and feel free to hit me up with any questions.


To be honest, I’m not really a “makeup junkie”. I buy whatever looks cute and seems good, so forgive me if some of what I write isn’t professionally correct. I’m just a total amateur trying to paint my face one shade cuter.

[1]: Luna Highlighter
Honestly, I’ve never even bought highlighter before (I just used the shimmery eyeshadows in various palettes) so I’m not sure how this one compares to other legit highlighters. But I feel like it’s long-lasting and flattering, plus it was such a big size (it’ll last me a while) since Ipsy’s stuff is supposed to be “samples”. The only thing is that it has kind of a purple/pink sheen to it instead of cream or white, so it doesn’t look super natural. I like wearing it to go out at night, but during the day it’s a bit dramatic for me.

[2]: Promise Organic Facial Scrub
Some good shit.

[3]: Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish in #12 latte
I love this stuff. It’s a dark grey-brown color that goes with almost everything but still looks dramatic. The formula is great as well, it goes on easily and smoothly, isn’t too sheer or too thick, and lasted me over a week.

[4]: Lord & Berry Eyeliner
Just a great quality eyeliner. It goes on smoothly, has a rich, vibrant formula, and is long-lasting without smudging. I love wearing it on nights out!

[5]: Nyx Butter Lipstick in Lifeguard
Now, this one was the only one I was a bit disappointed in, because I would have much rather gotten the other shade they were sending out (Ripe Berry), as I prefer berry-tones over dramatic reds. This one was like, a firetruck red that would have looked awesome on someone else, but not me. However, I’ve been following a bunch of Korean Instagrammers lately because I love their style and beauty so I used it to create the ombre lip that’s so prevalent in their posts. I’m glad I could find a way to use it, so it wouldn’t go to waste – it’s a full-size lipstick!


As for the quality of the product, I love Nyx – I think all of their formulas last so long and look so great! I have other shades in their Butter Lipstick collection so I was happy to get another.

Hope this review helped anyone trying to decide whether or not they wanted to subscribe to Ipsy! If it helped or you were entertained, please subscribe using my link 🙂


Valentine’s Day

Happy “Day-After-Valentine’s Day”, otherwise known as “discount chocolate day”. Everyone seems to have very mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day – some love it, flaunting their flowers, chocolates, and other trinkets, feeling hella special; while some hate it, wallowing in self-despair and loneliness. Whatever your perception of it is, I think it’s an awesome excuse to show someone you love that you love them, whether that be your significant other, your best friend, or your mama.

The thing is, showing love isn’t just about buying someone something Instagrammable. I think it’s about reminding people why you love them, and making them feel special – it doesn’t take an extravagant purchase or a time-consuming plan to do that. It can be as simple as writing a heartfelt note, or making a phone call.

This year, I came home to my room plastered in post-it notes by my boyfriend, each one a reason why he loves me. For me, that was one of the most touching gifts I could have received, and it made me feel so amazing and cared for. I made him a candle-lit dinner after his long shift at work (he’s a chef, so it probably tasted like shit to him but he pretended he liked it and was convincing) and got him a few small gifts.





However, I won’t wait until next year to show my appreciation and love for him. Yeah, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to show those things and celebrate, but I plan on doing those things every day – by being considerate, thoughtful, and kind to him, and everyone else that I care about.

Hope everyone had a great day yesterday, and are gorging themselves with chocolate today. Xoxo.


Hakkasan Miami

I had the pleasure of dining at Hakkasan in Miami on my trip, and it was definitely a meal worth reminiscing about. Located in the beautiful Fontainebleau, the restaurant was beautifully decorated and dimly lit. We came here for dim sum, as my mom missed having Chinese cuisine during our trip.


We ordered the taro root fried rice, seafood congee, venison dumplings, and I completely forget what the yellow thing was but it was delicious.


Soup dumplings!! God damn.

Overall it was a great experience and we had probably one of the best servers I’ve ever had in my life — he was around just enough without being bothersome, while still extremely attentive.


^ Some Fontainebleau decor leading to Hakkasan — “follow me to the soul”. I would recommend they change it to “follow me to the soup dumplings”.